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BHB Printing Pty Ltd has developed our BHB Connect online tools to make it easier, faster and more accurate in ordering your printed items or even non-printed items through BHB. We know from client feedback that our system is simple to follow, easy to use and is as good as any online ordering system that is available on the market.

BHB Connect is a fully web based solution that is developed by world leading software company Electronics For Imaging (EFI). Access to the system will simply require web access from your staff, there is no need to install any software on your network.

BHB Connect takes business printing to a whole new level, and integrates printing, warehousing, packing and dispatch. You save time, money and can rest easy knowing that our web to print solution is backed by a complete array of print manufacturing capabilities.

Problem Solved
Every Time
Problem Solved
Problem Solved
Are you having issues with......
BHB Connect
Brand Consistency
Control over ordering
Conformance to your specifications
Taking too much time for ordering and artwork approvals
Product not arriving on time or incorrectly packaged
Saving Money
Here is a short demonstration of our BHB Connect online ordering portal.
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